Samdhana Life

 Samdhana, in Sanskrit, means a peaceful coming together, a giving back.

A community who are committed to inter-generational and universal values of nurturing people, nature and culture.

Healing, uniting, joining, growing together, repair, re-uniting peace, making peace with.

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, Healthy Soul

Welcome To Your Journey!

Where Do You Want To Be? I Will Bring You There.

I Help People Live Better Lives

Become the sky that holds the weather

I have a vision and a calling. It’s to help people heal, awaken and ascend. I see a non profit entity that will bring all the tools needed to anyone that wants them. Many people will contribute and the tools and access will get bigger. There will be a website, a blog, a Youtube channel, a radio station and all the social media relevant now and in the future. I see gathering places being built to help people with many guides and teachers there to help anyone in need. All this will be provided for free to anyone that wants it. Money will come. It will be solicited through donors and ourselves. I won’t take and profit from this organization nor will anyone else. There will be basic salaries for a comfortable living. Other than that, every bit of money now and in the future goes towards building this vision and helping those in need. The organization’s bottom line will be love, compassion, teaching and giving. Not money as the bottom line. It will change how everything works for this as the initial goals and principles are pure. It will not get corrupted by the “for profit” mind set and hence it will not be influenced by hidden agendas.

This also dovetails with the current trend of being “woke” or “spiritual”. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing and there is a tremendous wave of humanity waking up and we need to assist. But along with this also comes the people getting into it for less than spiritual or ideal reasons. To get famous and rich and other alternative agendas. I have no problem with people making money and we all need to but to be reasonable about all that. There has to be a standard. It is our divine birthright to learn, explore and become our true selves. We don’t need to be paying thousands of dollars on repeat business models year after year for this. And we don’t need to be putting all of our efforts and energy into the latest “guru” or person who is on a national platform. I will be making a concerted effort to bypass and expose many of those people and working  with YOU to show you that it’s all within YOU. Thru guidance and education and not having to pay through the nose over and over for this. You have to do the work. There is no easy way. You can’t pay to ascend and I will be laying it all out there for you. Stay tuned. There is much more to come.

Coming Soon!

We are the only weight loss company out there who can teach you how to eat with REAL food, how to take that weight off relatively quickly and safely without crash dieting or deprivation, and most importantly, how to keep it off long-term. We can also get you off most medications, improve your sleep, energy and Low T all naturally and all without killing yourself in a gym! It all starts with what we are putting in our bodies first. We’ve never failed with anyone that has stayed on the program. We have a 95% success rate. We do not sell anything but our time (no pills, potions, shakes, machines, pre-packaged foods). We are coaching and counseling only to teach you a lifestyle that is sustainable. 50% of what we do is educate and teach you a new lifestyle. The other 50% (which is a huge factor) is accountability. You have your very own one on one personal lifestyle and weight loss coach. I teach you everything you need to know about meal plans, eating and living life. The roller coaster ends here. 

I am the owner but also the first client and this has changed my life. I’m 57 and feel like I’m in my 30’s across the board. We guarantee this program. We also work with women, men, couples, families and children. What’s our program going to get you? A healthy and sustainable life that is yours and you will never spend another dollar on anything again unless you want to do it. Where do you want to be in 2020? You can be on your way to a long, fulfilling, healthy and sustainable life now!


If you wanted to get started, you would fill out the attached paperwork and return it to me. Then we would need to find a two hour window in which to get you started. The first meeting is approximately two hours and you can include some days and times that work for you with your return email. With our Skype/Facetime program, we have added flexibility as we can see clients in the evenings and weekends dependent on schedules and with the same 95% success rate we have always and all from the convenience of your home or office. We take FSA/Flex spending accounts as well. I’d be happy to set up free conference call anytime to answer any more questions. I’m here anytime. 


We can help you lose that unwanted weight and keep it off for good. We are the highest rated weight loss program in the United States and overseas!

Our Program Details in a nutshell:

1) we have a 95% success rate which is unparalleled in the industry

2) we have the BEST REVIEWS in the industry, bar none (please Google “men only weight loss” reviews)

3) the weight comes off FAST. We teach you an easy lifestyle change with no calorie counting or endless hours in the gym and you will never be hungry.

4) we have the LOWEST PRICE with the BEST RESULTS of any other weight loss company in the industry. We do not sell you ANYTHING.

5) we increase testosterone levels and balance hormonal levels, naturally…absolutely NO DRUGS and results happen FAST.


6) we work with couples, women, children and families.

7) Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Boise, Idaho and Anywhere internationally and in the U.S. via Skype/Facetime.

8) What you get:

* 2 hour one-on-one introductory meeting with a highly experienced nutritionist/Keith Selin (via Skype/Face Time or face to face)
* Personalized program that fits your lifestyle and gives you maximum results, FAST
* Follow-up meetings to educate, motivate and coach you to your weight loss goals and most importantly that ACCOUNTABILITY that is a big part of long term success!
* Delicious kitchen-tested, easy and delicious “guy recipes”
* Restaurant Ordering 101
* Shopping/Grocery list
* Travel Tips (how to travel for business or pleasure and still lose weight!)
* Unlimited phone/text/email support for six months (this is a HUGE extra value, at no additional charge
* What’s the cost of the program going to get you? A healthy and sustainable life that is completely yours and you will never spend another dollar on anything again!

If you sign up before January 18 you will receive a substantial discount from our basic program pricing and you can start anytime after that you want.

Skype/Facetime Program:

We take FSA/Flex spending account.

* We’ve been in business over 10 years and have worked with over 1000 clients. There are few (if any) other companies in the US who have worked with that many people on a completely holistic diet/wellness program. Lots of people write books as experts and NONE of them have worked with the number of clients we have. 


* Our program is evidence-based, but not only that, we follow cutting edge science and even weed that out further. Since we’ve had so many clients, we actually can test a lot of theory. Sometimes things sound good, but we find they don’t work in practice (not just what to eat, but how and when to eat is, and who should eat it when, i.e. diabetics, people with genetically high cholesterol, etc.) 


* We are behavioral experts. We have about an 85% successful prediction record UP FRONT about who will do well and who will potentially struggle. We know that non-supportive spouses and heavy travelers, and super chronically (lifetime) obese patients are at highest risk


* We have a whole food, non-processed food, low-carb approach to eating that includes healthy carbs, no to low sugar, moderate protein and substantial healthy fats. And that also incorporates several legitimate things that boost metabolism naturally, like certain foods, IF (intermittent fasting), sleep, and exercise. We boost testosterone naturally, we look at blood labs) to determine exactly who is sticking to the diet and who is not telling the truth, and we are supplement experts. We have something to fix just about anything.


* We do consistent behavior modification and even more so, weekly accountability can be the difference between success and non success. We have over 100 people sending us in their weights on Monday mornings. Some clients that have been with us for over 5 years now. We have about a 95% 1 year rate, 90% at 2-3 years, and 85% at 5 years and we’ve continued to track all of our patients for at least 3-5 years and some even longer.


* We understand the U.S. market better than any other entity, and in fact are the LARGEST holistic provider of weight loss and wellness solutions in southern Texas. We’ve worked with radio (we’ve found conservative talk show radio to be an outstanding vehicle to create business in the men-only marketplace), television and all social media. We also work with couples, families, and women.


* We help improve testosterone: without a diet to reduce estrogen dominance in the body any testosterone enhancement drugs like synthetic testosterone will ultimately fail to work long term and can even exacerbate the issue.


* We work with “mostly chronically ill people, (long-term slow, burn problems) like hypertension, Type II diabetes, high cholesterol, chronic pain from injury and/or high inflammation, and that all or most people’s medical markers improve in 90 days. We also work with some very acutely sick people, like MD Anderson folks with cancer, some even terminal. We’ve had a handful of terminal patients that have gone into remission, but that isn’t a market we’ve really exploited for obvious reasons but what we do works and could be a huge aid as complementary therapy for cancer of any kind (we know WHY it works, i.e. we starve out cancer cells with IF/positive stress in the body and removal of sugar/fuel for cancer cells).


* We are experts on the new frontier of the gut microbiome which is fully responsible for gene expression of not only obesity, but many diseases on the planet. Most of this research is coming out of the University of Colorado and we are well ahead of the curve on this.


* We have a fully integrated program that works for most, but can be customized specific to the patient’s needs. Everything is based in fully vetted science and we’ve never had a single negative medical incident in 10 years. We also understand that “calories in/calories out” not only doesn’t work long-term, but it can guarantee sling-shot/rebound weight gain that can set people back for years. We work on whole foods with fairly high calories that keep people full, but burn off more efficiently because they require complex digestion activities in the body.


* Now, 90% of our business comes from referrals because of our astonishing short and long-term success rate.


* Average weight loss is 10 lbs a month for men over a full year, but that a lot of the weight is stacked earlier in the program so patients get really great immediate results, some rather staggering (i.e. 25-30 lbs in the first month) and they not only keep it off after a year, many continue to lose several pounds each additional year, so in 5 years, they are quite svelte. We do stress the health aspects of doing this long-term, but of course, the weight is what most people initially focus on and need to see results. ALL rave about the increased energy, fewer allergies, better moods, better sex drive, decreased/ full reduction in things that hurt, overall sense of well-being. They ultimately find that these other things are WAY more contributory to a happy life than wearing a smaller pair of pants. 

Vairagya (वैराग्य) is a Sanskrit term meaning “detachment.” It is a state of being free of attachment to materialistic life. It can also be defined as the mental state of mind that lets go of all attachments that belong to the materialistic world. Letting go of feelings such as pride, ego, aversion, inferiority and superiority complex, false identities and fear, are all also associated with vairagya.

Spirituality is one’s capacity to be guided. It is not about how much we meditate. Or how often we go to church. Or how many yoga poses or Sanskrit words we know. Or how much time we spend praying. Or how many Om pieces of jewelry we have. Spirituality is really about how much we get out of our own way and allow ourselves to be guided by God. That means . . . Letting go of expectations. Releasing attachments to the way we think things should be. Quieting the voice of our ego so we can hear the voice of inner wisdom. Making changes that may be scary and facing uncertainty with faith. Being of service to others that Spirit places in our lives in often unexpected ways.

Spirituality is a commitment to walking the spiritual path from the head to the heart. It’s a choice to free yourself from letting your ego take the lead in your life so you can surrender your ego’s attachments and instead, let your soul take the wheel. It’s the decision to choose love over fear — to withhold judgment of yourself or others, to stop labeling everything as “right” or “wrong,” to transition from a black and white “dualistic” world to a non-dual perspective that is comfortable with paradox. It’s the willingness to make your life an offering to the Divine in whatever form you resonate with a Higher Power, whether it’s God or some other deity or just the Divine within yourself. It’s your commitment to learning to receive, interpret, and discern spiritual guidance, mixed with the courage to actually act upon this guidance, even when it directs you away from what your ego wants…Summarily Love Without Conditions!

It’s as important to be able to receive at as it is go give. Giving engenders receiving, and receiving engenders giving. What goes up must go down; what goes out must come back. In reality, receiving is the same thing as giving, because giving and receiving are different aspects of the flow of energy in the universe. And if you stop the flow of either, you interfere with nature’s intelligence.

Stay in the stillness

Life Can pass you by and you can be full of regrets. Or you do the work, find your true self, and have a life you’ve never imagined.